Hip Hugger Period Underwear in Black


Flow fearlessly in EMFLOWER Hip Hugger Period and Incontinence Underwear. The best Period Underwear for LBL, comfort,  health and environmental impact.

The unique design of our underwear helps to prevent leaks and odour, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident when you are busy running errands.

The crotch in our Period Underwear has 4 Layers of waterproofing technology built into the design, that provide an anti-leak barrier against liquid, ensuring no stains will be left behind on your clothing. The 4-layer crotch extends all the way up to the back of the Underwear, so you can sleep soundly knowing your white sheets are safe.

Unlike other brands, our Hip Hugger Period Underwear features an Organic Cotton Mesh layer in the crotch design, meaning they will quickly absorb all liquid, keeping you feeling dry and fresh all day long.

The Hip Hugger style fits like a brief, and is designed to be worn during heavy flow days and they are perfect for day, night or exercise.

Made from 95% Certified Organic Cotton and 5% elastane, this fabric is not only better for the environment, but better for your body too. Organic material does not cause rashes or irritation.

Save yourself a trip to the shops every month because our Period Underwear will last you for 3+ years.



    EMFLOWER'S Hip Hugger style holds the equivalent of approximately 4 tampons.

    For light periods: We recommend changing our Period Underwear every 12 hours.
    For medium periods: We recommend changing our Period Underwear every 10-12 hours.
    For heavy periods: We recommend changing our Period Underwear every 8-10 hours.

    For very heavy periods: We recommend changing our Period Underwear every 4-8 hours or wear a second menstrual product such as a menstrual cup, pad or tampon.

    Wearing organic period underwear is better for the planet, your body and your health. Read our blog to find out why.

    Models are wearing a size S/6-8 and 2XL/16


    Leak free, odour free and worry free

    We have tested our Emflower Period Underwear over and over again, to ensure the 4 layers of technology within the material will be consistently leak free, odour free and maintain its elasticity wash after wash.
    With proper laundry care, Emflower Period Underwear will easily last you many years and up to 90 machine cycle washes.
    We guarantee Emflower Period Underwear can hold a minimum of 4 regular tampons, or roughly 25ml of liquid. See the info-graphic below to learn how the 4 layers of technology work within our Period Underwear:

    Emflower period underwear information

    Care Instructions

    Care Instructions:

    1. Rinse your Period Underwear in cold water within 24 hours.
      You can also soak your Period Underwear in a bucket of cold water with a little bit of laundry detergent until you are ready to wash them.
    2. Put your Period Underwear into a laundry wash bag that can be zipped closed, then into the washing machine.
    3. Wash your Period Underwear on a warm wash (around 40 degrees Celsius).
    4. Hang dry your Period Underwear. Do not put them in a dryer or iron them.
    5. Do not use fabric softener or bleach on your Period Underwear.

    Check out the common questions we get asked at Emflower about our Period Underwear:

    How many hours can I wear my Period Underwear for?

    Well that depends on how heavy your period is. Our Period Underwear hold up to 4 tampons worth, which is equivalent to 1 day with a medium to heavy period. If you generally use more than 4 tampons during the day, make sure you keep a spare pair of Period Underwear in your bag just in case.

    Will my Period Underwear stain?

    To decrease the chance of your Period Underwear staining, make sure you rinse or soak them within 24 hours after wearing them. If you are not doing washing for a couple of days, leave them soaking in a bucket of water with a little bit of laundry detergent.

    Do not use bleach on your Period Underwear, as we use a plant-based dye to colour the underwear and bleach will strip this colour.

    How many pairs of Period Underwear do I need?

    That depends on how long your period lasts, and how heavy it is. We recommend changing your Period Underwear each day and night for heavier periods. So if your period usually lasts 4 days, we would recommend 8 pairs of Period Underwear. When your period is medium to light you could easily get away with wearing 1 pair for up to 24 hours.

    Can I wear Period Underwear with other menstrual products?

    Yes you certainly can. For those with heavier periods, we recommend pairing your Period Undies with a menstrual cup for that extra protection. They can also be worn with tampons and pads, but in all honestly they don’t need to be. They have 4 layers of protection so you should be more than fine to just wear your Period Underwear by themselves, unless you have a really heavy flow.

    Can I wear Period Underwear Swimming?

    Unfortunately you cannot wear your Period Underwear swimming. Those 4 layers holding it all in will definitely leak out into the pool or ocean. We recommend using a menstrual cup when you go swimming, as you will be fully protected from leaks.


    Bikini Size Chart

    Hip Hugger size chart

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Always Last All Day!

    My favs, always last all day when I'm at work. I just use the bikini style ones for the end of my period or when im at home. I size up for comfort (usually a S and buy these in an M). Highly highly recommend.


    I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Emflower's period underwear work just like a pad but far more comfortable. I prefer the hip hugger style


    These underwear have been so comfortable to wear throughout my pregnancy. They are really stretchy so they still fit perfectly while my belly has been growing


    I didn't want to wear an adult nappy after giving birth so these underwear worked perfectly for me.

    Christy Endo Space

    These are so bloody comfy I can almost guarantee you’ll love them as much as I do. They are super stretchy too!

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