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emflower's menstrual health project

Breaking the Cycle of Period Poverty

A Multi Faceted Approach to Helping Women in South East Asia

Jessica Ross and Makayka Billi Teach Menstrual Health at Sri Lanka School 2

In April 2024, Jessica partnered with Global Hand Charity to conduct a menstrual health project in Sri Lanka, educating schoolgirls, women, and teachers on menstrual health and sanitation. Our goals were to reduce period poverty in the country and to introduce a sustainable menstruation alternative to the government in order to bring it to market.

Empowering girls through reliable menstrual products can significantly improve their education, health, and future opportunities. Share The Dignity reported that by reducing period poverty improves physical health and reduces vulnerability to RTIs (Reproductive Tract Infections) and PIDs (Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases) and other complications.

Jessica Ross from Emflower teaches Menstrual Health
Menstrual Health Project with ECU
Rotary Club of Badulla
Womens Centre Sri Lanka
Rotary Club of Columbo
Jessica Ross and Makayka Billi Teach Menstrual Health at Sri Lanka School
Plastic free starter kit
Cotton Period Undies Display
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Project outcomes

Over 1000 women and students received a pair of Emflower's reusable period underwear and an educational guide approved by a UK-based consultant gynecologist, written in English, Tamil, and Sinhala, detailing the use and care of the reusable panties.

We collaborated with the Women’s Centre of Sri Lanka, Rotary officials, the Ministry of Health, ECU, and the Affinity Foundation to understand cultural contexts, ensure compliance, and discuss manufacturing capabilities so the panties could be made locally and employ local people.

Our project picked up media attached and got published in a Sri Lankan newspaper, and Edith Cowan University of Sri Lanka are organising a study on the environmental impact of disposable menstrual waste in landfill. 

Menstrual Health project newspaper article
Sri Lanka Period Poverty Statistics
Emflower Menstrual Health Book Cover-1

Make Menstrual Hygiene and Health Accessible for Everyone.

A Menstruation Education Guide written in English, Sinhala and Tamil for Sri Lankan Students.

Download our Menstruation Education Guide by clicking the button below. Curated by Emflower, Global Hand Charity and ECU Psychology Prac Students.

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