At EMFLOWER, we are more than just period underwear. We are here to make lasting, sustainable impact in Australia and worldwide.

We are a community of empowered individuals in Australia who believe all people deserve to be confident throughout their cycle. Our period underwear will allow any person who menstruates to flow fearlessly and sustainably by adopting a plastic-free period, and not suffer from the health issues synthetic materials can sometimes cause.

Founded by Jessica in 2018, Emflower originally began as My Humble Earth, a reusable and eco-friendly kitchenware and toiletries brand. After 3 years of operation and competing with established brands in a competitive market in Australia, we decided to close down the kitchenware brand and transition to only sustainable and organic menstrual products.

It is important to us here at Emflower that we support causes that align with our vision for a better, more empowered world. That’s why we support and donate to Global Hand Charity's Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Campaign, that aims to support underprivileged women and children in need across South East Asia. 

Together we are providing menstrual products and resources along with hygiene education to remote areas in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Laos to help break the cycle of period poverty.

Join us on our next trip to Sri Lanka: 2024 (date pending)
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Emflower founder Jessica Ross