At Emflower, we have a strong ethos towards sustainability. Our sister brand - My Humble Earth, was founded to drive positive change around helping people reduce the amount of single-use plastic they consumed in their home.

With the launch of our period underwear, we now strive to help people transition to a plastic-free period by switching from single-use menstrual products to reusable and sustainable period underwear. Which is why we only use organic and natural fiber material, not synthetic material like other brands. 

Emflower's Code of Conduct Towards Sustainability:

1. Packaging - we use recycled kraft cardboard packaging for our underwear.

2. Mailing bags - we use compostable mail bags to ship our orders.

3. Shipping - we only use carbon neutral shipping by our couriers to ship our orders.

4. Material - our underwear are made mostly from organic fiber material, which is pesticide free and coloured by plant dye.

5. Electricity - Emflower's office and warehouse have power saving boards for all their electrical devices, that are switched off when not in use or at the end of the day.